Fathers Day Circle

Crayola paper cards Lollipop stick presents As he looks back and smiles with a sadness. Hallmark and vouchers Shop bought but sent with love As he may not be there next year to receive them Helping little hands Spelling the big words The next generation steps up to be counted

I Am

I am ————————————————— I am a chaser of sunsets I am a word puzzler I am a designer of holes in knitted fabric I am a lover of small warm hands I am a creator of stories I am a collector of quotes I am a listener I capture saturated tones of juiciness I am … Continue reading I Am


The darkness is a light sucking hole, nothing is visible, not even my hands as I tentatively place them in front of me to try and balance myself.  My blindness makes me momentarily untethered to gravity and I frantically try to make use of my other senses to bring them into line with the loss … Continue reading Birdsong